We are a Manufacturer operating out of Dover in Kent, England. Our company name is Giraffe UK Ltd T/A GUK Manufacturing.
Originally founded in the summer of 2001 GUK Manufacturing began its research and development into solutions to stern gear fouling. Years later we are proud to be leading the way in Propeller antifouling solutions around the world.

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Mission Statement & Commitment to our Clients

We would like to bring the benefits of this product to commercial operators and shipping fleets who constantly fight against barnacle attraction, hard growth, electrolysis and oxidisation.

We will continue to research and develop other products that we will bring to the market in the future to enhance cruising pleasure and commercial profits; In doing so we plan to keep this and other products that follow as natural as possible to protect the environment for future generations.

GUK Manufacturing
3 Frogshall Cottages, Canterbury Rd.
Dover, CT15 7HU, United Kingdom

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E-mail:   info@guk-manufacturing.co.uk

Telephone:  +44 (0)20 7993 5568
                  +44 (0)78 5403 4480



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